About Our Firm

We are a team of investment professionals dedicated to maximizing the long-term wealth of our investors.

We focus on the profession of investment management in all that we do. To us, this means putting our clients’ interests first and meeting the highest standards of our industry. We think and act with honesty, integrity and excellence, and we strive to be competitive with the best in the industry.

We firmly adhere to a value-driven, research-intensive investment process. We are patient, long-term investors who invest with a longer time horizon than the market, which we view as a competitive advantage.

We look at things differently and foster a culture that values intellectual curiosity, constant learning and adaptive thinking.

We strive to offer innovative strategies that align with our investment approach. We believe that to successfully capitalize on opportunities in the market, our products need to be flexible. We also know that to outperform the market, we need to manage portfolios that don’t look or behave like the market.

Miller Value Partners LLC is a registered investment advisor founded in 1999 by Bill Miller, CFA, and serves as the investment manager for the Miller Value Funds family. We also provide investment management services for high net worth clients, institutions and private funds.

Our team of 21 professionals1 is located in Baltimore, Maryland. As of February 28, 2023, Miller Value Partners has $1.7 billion in assets under management. We receive operational support from 1919 Investment Counsel, which allows us to focus on what we do best – investment management.

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1Includes 1919 Investment Counsel employees who support Miller Value Partners in trading and compliance.