more Invaluable Insights 2021: Managers Unplugged

This notable group of value investors got together again on January 7, 2021 to discuss their current market perspective. As moderator Mellody Hobson said, “…each of these respected peers has their own unique approach to investing.  In many ways, our common search for value is like a music genre. Our individual portfolios are like our own songs.”

Click to listen to the replay to hear about their views on the shape of the recovery, the state of the economy and value investing, the current opportunities and much more. There’s a mix of rapid fire questions and deep discussions on topics at the top of the best minds in value investing.

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    Bill Miller
    Chairman, CIO, Portfolio Manager

    “I think it’s going to be a broad bull market this year. It’s been narrow for the past ten years. I think it’s just going to broaden out with value now taking the lead.”


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