Miller Opportunity Fund - Call Replay

As the novel coronavirus gripped the world, the markets responded with the swiftest correction in history. Increasing uncertainty and fear presented our managers with what Bill Miller called the fifth greatest buying opportunity of his lifetime.

On our recent quarterly call, our team discusses their perspective on the current state of the markets and how we use periods of heightened uncertainty to position the Miller Opportunity Fund for superior long-term performance.

Click the play button to listen to a replay of our 1Q 2020 investment team call.

Bill Miller, CFA
Chief Investment Officer

Samantha McLemore, CFA
Portfolio Manager


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Let’s Discuss the Value Opportunity

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“You don’t get these kind of opportunities often. Who knows in the short term – in the next days or weeks or even months if that will look good. But I think if we’re sitting here in a year or two years, three years, five years, we’ll be looking at this, as Bill has said, as one of the great buying opportunities that we have in our life.”

– Samantha McLemore, CFA

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