Our Strategies

We manage distinct strategies with the common underlying approach of buying and holding securities we believe are undervalued.

Income Strategy

An unconventional approach to income that strives to generate a high level of income while maintaining the potential for capital gains by investing across asset classes.

Getting Active, Staying Flexible, and Dialing in Misses with AT&T

Deep Value Strategy

A concentrated, pure deep value approach to equities

Too Low Market Expectations = Long-term Opportunities

Why invest in Miller Value Partners' Strategies?

Focus on investing, not the benchmark: Just because a security or sector is in a benchmark doesn’t mean it’s a good investment. In fact, the broadly efficient nature of markets implies that most of what’s in the benchmark is rationally priced. So, we make investments without thinking too much about the benchmark’s constituency and instead focus on valuation and risk-reward drivers from a bottom-up, fundamental level.

Invest for long-term results: Our long-term approach is ingrained in our culture and investment process. Our culture supports long-term, rational decision making. When analyzing companies, we think carefully about what management teams are doing with their shareholders’ capital. We sift through market data to determine what will help us differentiate between secular and cyclical change. We remain patient through short-term swings and often do what the crowd is not.

Employ unconventional thinking: We systematically pursue new and better ways of understanding how people, businesses and markets behave to enhance and challenge our thinking. As complex, adaptive systems, markets constantly provide us with new information, which we use as a starting point for inquiry. Nontraditional sources, including academic and literary journals, play an important role in our process. We are particularly involved in both the Santa Fe Institute  and the London Mathematical Laboratory.

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